Uwyn is a custom software application development company

We specialize in...

  • music, video and sound software
  • dynamic web applications
  • rich internet applications
  • web 2.0 and ajax
  • platform-independent programs
  • interoperable web services

Our differentiators are...

  • transparent development process
  • strong emphasis on open-source
  • fanatical customer support
  • modular and extensible toolkit
  • standards-based development

rich internet application
Bla-bla List
a glimpse of our work...

Secure, simple, sharable to-do lists

  • runs inside a browser without requiring any installation
  • users can sign up in a matter of seconds
  • user-friendly and interactive Web 2.0 interface
  • access your to-do lists from anywhere with internet access
  • compact and streamlined layout
  • rearrange your lists and items intuitively with drag and drop
  • private and public sharing of lists
  • secure collaboration
  • printable lists
  • send yourself a copy of your list and its status
  • clear overview of your personal lists and your shared lists
  • in-line Ajax-style editing of list items, descriptions and names
  • continue what you were doing without data loss when your authentication session times out
  • open-source and well documented
  • flexible and powerful REST API for integration with other tools and automation