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Multi-dimensional MIDI expression through hand gestures

Bernd Keul plays Chris Hein Woodwinds with GECO Midi

A Box In The Sea plays Modular+Reaktor+GECO+EPSi+Big Sky

Uwe G. Hoenig gesture control jam

Hagai Davidoff live conducting while playing a VSTi orchestra

Anton Maskeliade live electronica on the Russian Electrichka train

Konstantinos Vasilakos performs SuperCollider

Dan Graham plays a modeled digital clarinet

Uriel Yehezkel controlling and arranging Ableton Live

... and another one

Enrico Bertelli Drumactica 2.0 on his DIY augmented snare drum

... and Drumactica's very inspiring making of

Humanelectro beatboxing with Ableton Live

DJ SelArom with Traktor Pro

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