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C++ console development library
GNU General Public License (GPL)

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TinyQ is a stripped down version of Qt 3.x that has been put together to use as a backend library and provides all the necessary library classes to comfortably develop in a C++ environment.

It is licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL) only.

It is generated from the Qt 3 free edition through a collection of scripts and patches and provides the following functionalities :

Qt is a trademark of Trolltech AS.


Getting it

TinyQ is available from here.

It has only been tested on linux systems, but should run without trouble on any Unix derivate that Qt supports.

Installing it

To install TinyQ, just unarchive one of the downloadable archives.

Make the extracted archive directory your current directory and issue the following commands.

$ export QTDIR=$PWD
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

To change the installation paths or add threading or stl support, use ./configure --help to see the list of options.

Using it

TinyQ will be installed in the /usr/local/tinyq directory. To use this version of Qt instead of another installed version, you have to set the following environment variables:

$ export QTDIR=/usr/local/tinyq
$ export PATH=$QTDIR/bin:$PATH

Be sure that this environment is setup even before calling qmake to process your Qt project files. Otherwise the generated makefiles will link your application against the wrong version of the Qt libraries.


Below is an overview of all the classes that are available, click on the class names to get detailed information:

class include file description
QAsciiCacheqasciicache.hTemplate class that provides a cache based on char* keys.
QAsciiCacheIteratorqasciicache.hIterator for QAsciiCache collections.
QAsciiDictqasciidict.hTemplate class that provides a dictionary based on char* keys.
QAsciiDictIteratorqasciidict.hIterator for QAsciiDict collections.
QBitArrayqbitarray.hArray of bits.
QBitValqbitarray.hInternal class, used with QBitArray.
QBufferqbuffer.hI/O device that operates on a QByteArray.
QByteArrayqcstring.hArray of bytes.
QCacheqcache.hTemplate class that provides a cache based on QString keys.
QCharqstring.hLightweight Unicode character.
QCacheIteratorqcache.hIterator for QCache collections.
QCharRefqstring.hHelper class for QString.
QConstStringqstring.hString objects using constant Unicode data.
QCStringqcstring.hAbstraction of the classic C zero-terminated char array (char *).
QDataStreamqdatastream.hSerialization of binary data to a QIODevice.
QDateqdatetime.hDate functions.
QDateTimeqdatetime.hDate and time functions.
QDirqdir.hAccess to directory structures and their contents in a platform-independent way.
QDomAttrqdom.hRepresents one attribute of a QDomElement.
QDomCDATASectionqdom.hRepresents an XML CDATA section.
QDomCharacterDataqdom.hRepresents a generic string in the DOM.
QDomCommentqdom.hRepresents an XML comment.
QDomDocumentFragmentqdom.hTree of QDomNodes which is usually not a complete QDomDocument.
QDomDocumentqdom.hThe representation of an XML document.
QDomDocumentTypeqdom.hThe representation of the DTD in the document tree.
QDomElementqdom.hRepresents one element in the DOM tree.
QDomEntityqdom.hRepresents an XML entity.
QDomEntityReferenceqdom.hRepresents an XML entity reference.
QDomImplementationqdom.hInformation about the features of the DOM implementation.
QDomNamedNodeMapqdom.hCollection of nodes that can be accessed by name.
QDomNodeqdom.hThe base class for all nodes of the DOM tree.
QDomNodeListqdom.hList of QDomNode objects.
QDomNotationqdom.hRepresents an XML notation.
QDomProcessingInstructionqdom.hRepresents an XML processing instruction.
QDomTextqdom.hRepresents textual data in the parsed XML document.
QFileqfile.hI/O device that operates on files.
QFileInfoqfileinfo.hSystem-independent file information.
QIntCacheqintcache.hTemplate class that provides a cache based on long keys.
QIntCacheIteratorqintcache.hIterator for QIntCache collections.
QIntDictqintdict.hTemplate class that provides a dictionary based on long keys.
QIntDictIteratorqintdict.hIterator for QIntDict collections.
QIODeviceqiodevice.hThe base class of I/O devices.
QLibraryqlibrary.hWrapper for handling shared libraries.
QMapqmap.hValue-based template class that provides a dictionary.
QMapConstIteratorqmap.hIterator for QMap.
QMapIteratorqmap.hIterator for QMap.
QMemArrayqmemarray.hTemplate class that provides arrays of simple types.
QMutexqmutex.hAccess serialization between threads.
QPtrCollectionqptrcollection.hThe base class of most pointer-based Qt collections.
QPtrDictqptrdict.hTemplate class that provides a dictionary based on void* keys.
QPtrDictIteratorqptrdict.hIterator for QPtrDict collections.
QPtrListqptrlist.hTemplate class that provides doubly-linked lists.
QPtrListIteratorqptrlist.hIterator for QPtrList collections.
QPtrQueueqptrqueue.hTemplate class that provides a queue.
QPtrStackqptrstack.hTemplate class that provides a stack.
QPtrVectorqptrvector.hTemplate collection class that provides a vector (array).
QRegExpqregexp.hPattern matching using regular expressions.
QSemaphoreqsemaphore.htmlRobust integer semaphore.
QSettingsqsettings.hPersistent platform-independent application settings.
QStrIListqstrlist.hDoubly-linked list of char* with case-insensitive comparison.
QStrListqstrlist.hDoubly-linked list of char*.
QStrListIteratorqstrlist.hIterator for the QStrList and QStrIList classes.
QStringqstring.hAbstraction of Unicode text and the classic C null-terminated char array.
QStringListqstringlist.hList of strings.
QTextCodecqtextcodec.hConversion between text encodings.
QTextDecoderqtextcodec.hState-based decoder.
QTextEncoderqtextcodec.hState-based encoder.
QTextIStreamqtextstream.hConvenience class for input streams.
QTextOStreamqtextstream.hConvenience class for output streams.
QTextStreamqtextstream.hBasic functions for reading and writing text using a QIODevice.
QTimeqdatetime.hClock time functions.
QThreadqthread.hPlatform-independent threads.
QUrlqurl.hURL parser and simplifies working with URLs.
QValueListqvaluelist.hValue-based template class that provides doubly linked lists.
QValueListConstIteratorqvaluelist.hConst iterator for QValueList.
QValueListIteratorqvaluelist.hIterator for QValueList.
QValueStackqvaluestack.hValue-based template class that provides a stack.
QValueVectorqvaluevector.hValue-based template class that provides a dynamic array.
QXmlAttributesqxml.hXML attributes.
QXmlContentHandlerqxml.hInterface to report logical content of XML data.
QXmlDeclHandlerqxml.hInterface to report declaration content of XML data.
QXmlDefaultHandlerqxml.hDefault implementation of all XML handler classes.
QXmlDTDHandlerqxml.hInterface to report DTD content of XML data.
QXmlEntityResolverqxml.hInterface to resolve extern entities contained in XML data.
QXmlErrorHandlerqxml.hInterface to report errors in XML data.
QXmlInputSourceqxml.hThe input data for the QXmlReader subclasses.
QXmlLexicalHandlerqxml.hInterface to report lexical content of XML data.
QXmlLocatorqxml.hThe XML handler classes with information about the actual parsing position.
QXmlNamespaceSupportqxml.hHelper class for XML readers which want to include namespace support.
QXmlParseExceptionqxml.hUsed to report errors with the QXmlErrorHandler interface.
QXmlReaderqxml.hInterface for XML readers (i.e. for SAX2 parsers).
QXmlSimpleReaderqxml.hImplementation of a simple XML reader (a SAX2 parser).