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Desktop file manager
GNU General Public License (GPL)

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Fm is a gtk+ file manager which aims to offer the best possible ratio between features, simplicity and resource usage. It includes advanced features such as character browsing, popup menus, tab completion, bookmarks, pan navigation, multiple windows, redefinable and stored keyboard shortcuts, integration with the X clipboard and drag & drop.

The interface is simple, yet full-featured, offering a well-balanced mixture of the Macintosh ® finder and classic two-paned filemanagers such as Directory Opus. Below is an overview of Fm's features through it interface elements.

Toggle hidden files

This button toggles the display of hidden files in real-time. This makes it easy to quickly look whether there are hidden files present or not.

hide button

Tab completion

The file entry has support for tab completion. This is similar to how bash functions. However instead of listing the options on the command-line, it displays them in a popup menu.

tab completion

Full refresh

Fm doesn't keep track of the filesystem after it has displayed the entries. This has the advantage that it never locks a particular directory or device, allowing it to be unmounted even when its contents are visible. When needed, this button can be used tp refresh the entire browser window in addition to the keyboard shortcut that refresh only a single directory.

refresh browser

Sort arrow

Each column can be sorted ascendingly or descendingly. This makes it easy to group files according to their similarity in different attributes (name, size, modification time, creation time, ownership and permissions).

sort arrow

Bookmark indicator

Places on your harddisk that you often visit can be bookmarked for quick access. An inline bookmark indicator shows which files are available through which bookmark slot.

bookmark indicator

Bookmark button

Each bookmark slot has a dedicated button which indicates whether location has been assigned to it or not. Clicking it with the left mouse button takes you to the bookmark, while the right mouse button provides access to the bookmark popup menu.

bookmark button

Bookmark tooltip

Holding the mouse still above a bookmark button will show a tooltip containing the full path of the location where the bookmark is pointing to.

bookmark button

Bookmark popup menu

Clicking on the bookmark button with the right mouse button pops up a dedicated menu. It allows you to manage the related bookmark and also to redefine the keyboard shortcuts that are being used.

bookmark popup

Directory styles

Directories that are filled, inaccessible or empty are clearly indicated according to different styles. The arrows allow you to collapse or expand a filled directory.

directory styles

Pan button

This button allows you to glance intuitively over the browser contents. Press it with the left mouse button and while keeping it pressed, move your mouse. The contents of the window will scroll according to the direction in which you moved your mouse.

pan button

Status bar

The complete path of the focused row is written in the status bar.

statusbar path
The status bar indicates have many files have been selected, pressing Escape clears the selection. statusbar selection